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About C it Surveillance


C it Surveillance is dedicated to providing clients with the latest in high resolution IP video surveillance.  After inspecting your site and discussing your specific surveillance goals, we can offer solutions designed to meet your needs and budget.

We also invite you to visit our site, where we can demonstrate surveillance systems from both Mobotix and Axis.

We chose to partner with Mobotix due to their:

  • reliable and rugged line of high resolution IP cameras
  • decentralized system concept which eliminates the need for a central video processing server and licensed software
  • ability to optimize coverage with fewer cameras utilizing hemispheric and dual lens cameras

We chose to partner with Axis due to their:

  • broad range of high resolution IP cameras with features to meet a variety of customer needs
  • intuitive and easy to use systems including their Camera Companion solution for small systems

With manufacturer based training and certification from both of these market leaders, we have the expertise to assist in designing and implementing a complete solution including cameras and lenses, networking, storage, and software.


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