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Surveillance Cameras


All of the cameras we integrate into our surveillance solutions are high resolution, IP based network cameras providing superior image quality. These cameras have built in intelligence to process their own video and do not require licensed video management software. They can store video on memory cards located in the cameras or to network attached storage (NAS) devices located anywhere on the network. They can be configured to email with an attached snapshot of the scene when there is motion in pre-defined areas of their view. They are accessible through free client software from any standard PC on your network, through built in browser based software from anywhere with an internet connection, or with viewing apps from your smartphone.

Mobotix Cameras


Mobotix cameras are robust with no moving parts. They are all weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use without additional housing. Mobotix surveillance systems often require fewer cameras when utilizing their dual lens and/or hemispheric lens options. They feature capabilities far beyond typical surveillance cameras including built in two way audio and the ability to monitor two sets of video motion windows, temperature, illumination, and inputs from third party devices. They can alert based on any of these inputs or on combinations of these. The alerts will notify viewers looking at the camera image and can trigger emails, voip calls, and/or recordings. For information about specific models, please proceed to the Mobotix camera page.

Axis Cameras


Axis offers the market’s broadest range of IP network cameras. This complete portfolio includes day and night, indoor and outdoor, fixed view and PTZ, IR illumination, vandal-resistant, and thermal models. Chances are that Axis has a model to fit your specific surveillance needs without the additional cost of functionality beyond your requirements. Axis also offers some unique capabilities. Their Lightfinder technology allows day/night cameras to continue providing color images in lower light conditions. Their dynamic capture technology improves the wide dynamic range (WDR) functionality providing better images when there are both bright and dark areas in the camera view. For information about specific models, please proceed to the Axis camera page.