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Mobotix M15 Surveillance Camera


  • Dual camera with two separate image sensors for color during the day and B/W at night, for indoor and outdoor (IP65)
  • 3MP resolution images from 5MP sensors (QXGA, 2048×1536 pixels)
  • B/W sensor (at night or IR lighting): 0.05 lux at 1/60 s, 0.0025 lux at 1 s exposure time
  • PIR sensor for motion detection in the dark
  • Microphone and speaker with full audio functionality (VoIP and SIP telephony with video)
  • Integrated switch functions (1 x signal input, 1 x signal output), RS232
  • Internal DVR (up to 64 GB), recording without network load


To learn more about the M15, please visit the product page on the Mobotix website.