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Commercial Surveillance Systems

A surveillance system can be as simple as a single camera storing recorded video on a MicroSD card in the camera itself or as complicated as cameras and storage integrated in wide area networks that are constantly monitored using control center software. C it Surveillance will design and implement a system to meet your needs no matter how simple or complicated they may be.  We provide customized surveillance solutions for businesses located anywhere from the Capital Region through the Adirondack Foothills including Troy, Malta, Fort Edward, and Warrensburg.

Stand Alone Surveillance Systems:

For surveillance where networking is not practical, a camera can be installed using only an adapter to connect with DC power ranging from 24-42 V. A Mobotix camera will record video directly on a MicroSD card in the camera (storage up to 32 GB possible). The adapter also includes a connection for a portable PC to view or download the video. This configuration makes surveillance possible in almost any scenario, even on a chartered boat or public bus.

Single Camera Networked Surveillance Systems:

If you need surveillance of a single room, entry, or area (inside or outdoors), then we can integrate a single camera on your existing network that will record video on a network drive allowing you to view the live or recorded video from any PC on your current network using browser based software delivered with each camera. With an inexpensive network switch with POE, the camera and storage drive can be connected on the edge of your network eliminating additional load except when you are actually viewing the live or recorded video. Power is provided to the camera through standard ethernet cable, so no electrical cabling is required to connect the camera.

Business Surveillance Systems:

Maybe you need to see the entire perimeter of your facility or just the dock area and entrances, see all the corridors in your building or just the lobby, see the entire store or just the checkout area?  We can design a system to provide surveillance of the areas you need with fewer cameras, less cabling, and without the need for an additional server.  With the ability to record directly to network attached storage, we can provide as much or as little storage as you need while limiting the bandwidth requirements on your current network.  A less complicated and less costly overall surveillance solution.

Campus Surveillance Systems:

Surveillance of school, college, university, and corporate campus environments including class rooms, lecture halls, school or dormitory hallways, grounds, and athlectic facilities can be accmoplished with fewer cameras using Mobotix high resolution and dual lens cameras.   Wide angle lenses in cameras with high resolution can cover large areas while dual lens cameras can be configured for multiple views.  Cameras installed at various locations around campus can be integrated with your existing network to allow viewing live or recorded video on standard computers located anywhere on the network.

Multiple Site Surveillance Systems:

We can integrate to your existing wide area network or expand your current network to include additional buildings or areas not currently accessible on your network using the latest networking technology to provide a single point of monitoring for all your surveillance needs.  Video can be stored at any point on the network using NAS devices to minize the bandwidth requirements across parts of the network.  The Mobotix control center software is license free for unlimited cameras and users.  It can also integrate existing analog cameras in the same system with Mobotix’s line of high resolution IP cameras.  The software is adaptable to each individaul user and can run on standard PC configurations.

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