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Mobotix AG is an international company based in Germany that has been developing high resolution IP cameras since 1999.  Their cameras are used everywhere from residential sites to airports with more than 100,000 cameras installed worldwide.  The robust fiber glass reinforced housings and absence of moving parts are keys to their high reliability and broad operating temperature range of -22 to 144 °F.  They have been implemented in all environmental conditions, from the Antartic to the deserts of Saudi Arabia to the tropical evergaldes in Florida.

Mobotix also seperates itself from other surveillance camera manufacturers with its decentralized system concept.  Usually cameras only supply the images while the processing and recording is done on a central server running licensed video management software.  This approach requires high network bandwidth, a lot of computer processing power, and costly software.  Instead, Mobotix builds a computer into each camera for video analysis eliminating the need for a server running video management software.  This also allows for storing the recorded video at the edge of the network, on the camera itself using MicroSD cards, or on network drives or NAS devices.  Browser based software is included in each camera and MxCC (the Mobotix control center software) is free and runs on standard PCs.

For more information, please contact us, use the links below to view informative videos or visit the Mobotix website.


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